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NVee’s been getting into the hands of users since 2015. When the Tobacco Products Directive came upon the UK market, NVee remained in the market when the regulation forced out many other manufacturers and brands with its more stringent rules around the size of bottles, cap to nicotine strength and packaging.

To ensure quality at every step of the way, we became manufacturers of the e-liquids in October 2018, accredited ISO Class 7. Our devices remain sourced from trusted, reputable and established manufacturing partners in China. Their compliance to international standards and qualification assures the high quality of each device and experience in usage.

As of June 2019, NVee is in over 15,000 UK convenience stores and online sales continue to grow.

Throughout 2019, NVee will be taken into international markets to allow vapers beyond the UK to experience the world of NVee, where quality doesn’t have to cost the earth.

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