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Taster club


At NVee, we always appreciate the feedback of our customers related to our vape flavour. To help our customers give feedbacks easily, we have created a Tasters Club at NVee. In this club, members are welcome to taste one e-liquid of their choice for free if they place an order of £14.97 or more. When you become a member, if you are using an NVee device, we will send you a new compatible clearomiser or coil so you can taste the flavour in its purest form. After trying it, complete the score card and write a small review about it. Remember, the entry to this club is highly restricted to a limited number of people.

Please register your interest below. As soon as a position comes available you will automatically receive an email welcoming you to our exclusive club and then the doors are open for you to start tasting our flavours of life.

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