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Explore variety of Nic salt e-liquids from NVee

For each vape flavour, you can select strength and quantity and then add it add to the cart.

Remember, Nvee e-liquids of 0mg, 3mg and 6mg are only suitable for sub ohm kits.




NVee Pro e-liquids

NVee Vaporiser & Pod e-liquids

We have fruit, as well as classic flavours. We use the highest quality ingredients and highest grade nicotine (in the e-liquids that contain nicotine). NVee e-liquids are tested in a top specification laboratory to ensure all liquids are of the correct concentrate, as per the ingredients listed and each batch is traceable for quality control. What’s more, we’re also TPD complaint so you can be assured of our e-liquids. This means the bottles are tamper proof, of no more than 10ml and to be even safer, the highest nicotine content within our range is no more than 1.8%/18mg/ml (where the industry allowance is 2%).

NVee e-liquids come in 50vg/50pg and 85vg/15pg, and also strengths of 3mg/ml, 6mg/ml, 9mg/ml, 12mg/ml and 18mg/ml. NVee Apple, Cherry, Menthol and Tobacco flavoured e-liquids also come without nicotine.

Which liquid should you choose for your vape device?

50vg/50pg – These liquids are designed for original style vape pens and pod systems / e-cigarettes / vape kits, as long as they’re ‘open’ and not ‘closed’ / non-refillable. You can use 50vg/50pg e-liquids in devices like the NVee Vapouriser and NVee Pod, the liquid is thinner and therefore able to vapourise at lower temperatures. These devices usually don’t use or require a high powered battery. You can use the NVee Plus with the 1.6 ohm coil included with 50vg/50pg e-liquids.

85vg/15pg - High VG liquids are thicker in consistency and when vapourised through the tank and its low resistance coil, will create big clouds. These liquids are for devices, also known as sub ohm devices, that use higher powered batteries and create more heat, perfect to pair with the NVee Pro, NVee Pro II and NVee Plus (when used with Pro II 0.7 ohm coils).

When choosing the right e-liquid, you must ensure the VG/PG balance is correct. Although all part of a great vaping experience, the flavour and nicotine content of an e-liquid won’t affect your device’s ability to vapourise the liquid.

What happens if you use the wrong liquid for your vape device? Your device will not work properly – it will leak and/or burn the coil because the consistency of the liquid won’t be of the right balance for the device and its coil. The e-liquid can leak through the device through the tank, airflow controller or mouth piece / drip tip. If you do use the wrong e-liquid, we would recommended that you change the coil so you can then use the right coil for the right e-liquid. You should refer to the vape kit’s user instructions / manual to see how to correctly change a coil if you’re not sure on how to do this.

What’s inside an e-liquid?

PG, propylene glycol – This is the main liquid part of the e-liquid and carriers all the necessary elements of the liquid. It carries and delivers the flavour and nicotine.

VG, vegetable glycerine or glycerol – This contributes to the e-liquid producing vapour, or cloud. The higher the ‘VG’ concentration, the bigger the cloud, subject to the coil / atomiser resistance. A higher resistance and higher level of VG can also make the e-liquid a little sweeter.

Water – some e-liquids have water in it to make the liquid thinner and help move the e-liquid through the device easier.

Flavourings – This high quality ingredient is added to give an e-liquid the desired taste.

Nicotine – a level of nicotine is included to help satisfy the user's craving.

How to store your e-liquid

E-liquids should be stored at room temperature and out of direct sunlight for it to last as long as possible, but no longer than the marked expiry date. Over time, you may notice the liquid will change colour and that’s OK, as long as you vape it before the expiry date.


  • Do not swallow e-liquid
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets

NVee e-liquid bottles are recyclable. Once it’s empty, please recycle accordingly.

Finding the best flavour for you

You may prefer to just use a single flavour, and some people may prefer to mix e-liquid flavours in a tank, for example, menthol and tobacco, or menthol and strawberry (to create strawberry mint).

Many people may start on one flavour and move onto another, or use two or more dependent on their preference during the day.

The NVee Pod device is ideal for someone who doesn’t want to vape the same flavour (or strength) continuously. The refillable pod cartridges / tanks are small and light enough for users to carry a few around – just easily switch over and pop on a different pod tank filled with a different flavour. Refillable pod tanks are only £9.99 for 4, purchase with free delivery can be done from here.

Information you must know about using NVee nic salt e-liquids (also on the bottle label).

WARNING: Harmful if swallowed. IF SWALLOWED: Rinse mouth. Call a POISON CENTRE/DOCTOR if you feel unwell. Wash hands thoroughly after handling. Dispose of contents/container in accordance with local regulations.


CONTRAINDICATIONS & RISK GROUPS: This product is not recommended for use by: Young people under the age of 18 years, non-smokers, pregnant or breast feeding women, persons with general ill health such as high blood pressure, cardiovascular conditions, diabetes, asthma, lung disease, hyperthyroidism, liver or kidney problems, stomach or intestinal ulcers or tumours of the adrenal glands, persons who have a sensitivity/allergy to nicotine or any of the other ingredients.

POSSIBLE ADVERSE EFFECTS: Immediately stop use of this product and seek medical advice if you experience any of the following: Feeling faint, nausea/vomiting, headache, dizziness, stomach discomfort, coughing or irritation to the mouth/throat, nasal congestion, chest palpitations/development of an irregular heartbeat, allergic reaction such as rash, itching or swelling, or any other unusual or adverse effect. If medical advice is needed, have product container and label to hand.

Nicotine is a toxic and addictive substance. If you experience any adverse effects as a result of using this product, please inform us immediately.

Store in a cool, dry place. Keep away from animals. Keep out of reach of children.


Unscrew bottle cap and gently pour the e-liquid into a compatible device tank avoiding the central airway. Do not overfill. The tank's opening should be wider than the e-liquid nozzle width (0.8mm). Refer to device instructions for more information.

Nozzle width: 0.8mm
Nicotine EC No: 200-193-3 | Nicotine CAS No: 54-11-5