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NVee Pro Sub
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With an overabundance of vape devices out in there, online and in shops, it can be quite daunting when you’re trying to give up smoking or just choosing a vape kit. Don’t worry – choosing your first E-cig kit doesn’t need to be difficult on your journey to becoming ‘smoke-free’, you can make the switch to vaping.

We have vape devices and starter kits that are inexpensive, easy to operate, easy to maintain, and great to use with our UK manufactured e-liquids. Your starter vape kit can help with most of your favourable smoking habits such as; throat hit, nicotine delivery, flavour, inhaling and exhaling, hand to mouth action and habitual motions. Vape kits do require a little more maintenance but as vapers tend to spend much less money than smokers would on cigarettes, it is worthwhile spending a little extra time keeping your vape device clean, so that you can reap the benefits.

Our e-liquids come in a range of traditional flavours and nicotine strengths, plus we have e-liquids without nicotine. You can see our selection of e-liquids here.

You can start here when you’ve made the decision to switch from smoking to vaping. Our vape devices come with all you need to start. For ease, you can view our helpful video tutorials which explain how to put your new vape device together when you receive it.

Our simplest vape devices are ideal for smokers giving up cigarettes or wanting to cut down on how much they spend on their smoking habit. These simple devices don’t have any adjustable setting – just ‘plug and play’ – but of course, need to be charged and filled with e-liquid first. Vape pens and vape pods are likely to be closest to cigarettes for use and simplicity, and closest to smoking itself. We also have tobacco flavour e-liquid hereto help smokers quit traditional cigarettes or tobacco products and become ‘smoke-free’. These don’t smell like traditional cigarettes though – so another reason to go quit traditional cigarettes.

An NVee pen style starter kit can start from as little as £5.99.

A vape pod, or pod mod, like the NVee Pod kit, is an e-cig device ideal for new vapers or smokers who are looking to quit smoking and switch to vaping. They are designed to be simple to use and easy to maintain. They are usually made up of just two parts for simplicity and ease, the battery or mod and a pod or small cartridge that clicks into the battery.

The NVee Pod has no buttons; you just draw on them like a cigarette to vape. Many pod cartridges, with the coil inside it, are pre-loaded with e-liquid. The NVee Pod vape device is an open system which means it’s refillable – you can fill the small pod tank cartridge when it’s near empty –causing less waste and you can mix your e-liquids. It can also work out cheaper than buying closed / pre-filled pod cartridges because you would buy larger bottles to fill which are cheaper. It’s recommended that you change the pod cartridge or tank when you want to change to a different e-liquid flavour. Each pod tank cartridge can be refilled approximately 10 times. The NVee Pod kit has a ceramic coil inside the mini pod tank, which creates a smoother vape when it vapourises the e-liquid. When the coil inside burns out and / or you can taste a difference in the liquid when you vape, compared to in the beginning when the pod tank cartridge is new, you’ll know it’s time to change the pod tank cartridge. Where pods are already pre-filled and are not refillable, once it’s empty simply discard the pod and use a new one.

Many users, new and experienced, prefer these ‘mini vapes’ because they mimic the feeling of smoking. The popularity of pods for this reason has also made nicotine salts more popular too, so it’s not just the ‘hand to mouth’ action that’s similar to that of smoking but with nicotine salts, inhaling can also feel more like smoking a cigarette than using free-based nicotine.

Replacement pod tanks for the NVee Pod vape device is just £9.99 for four and can be purchased here, with free delivery. You can see our range of nicotine salt e-liquids here.

You might be tempted to go for a larger sized device or one that lets out a ‘bigger cloud’ – it’s completely up to you.

These advanced vape kits allow vapers to customise their device and therefore their vaping experience, from the resistance of their coil to how much air can pass through the device to the power output of the device or mod.

These devices are typically only for use with high VG liquids like 85vg/15pg or 70vg/30pg.

The NVee Plus and NVee Pro II vape kits come with specified coils but these devices can be used with the alternate coil to switch between 50vg/50pg and 85vg/15pg NVee e-liquids.

MTL is closer to the experience of smoking a cigarette than DTL, for anyone who is looking to switch to vaping. Most tobacco smokers are used to ‘smoking’ like this, and similarly to vaping, where the smoker would inhale. Vapers tend to draw harder or for longer than a smoker would, as vapour is held inside the mouth before inhaling a little more to draw the vapour into the lungs. Higher PG e-liquids, such as 50vg/50pg, are used in MTL vape devices. The NVee Pod and NVee Plus are ideal MTL vape devices, using a 1.6 ohm coil.

DTL is also known as ‘straight to lung’. As it suggest, a vaper would just inhale by taking a deep and longer breath of e-liquid vapour, smoothly from the device into the mouth, straight to his or her lungs. Adjusting the airflow controller or vent of a device can also impact the flow of air and vapour through the device, to better suit vaper preferences. Many devices also allow users to set the output wattage, users can change the power of the device which can even impact the flavour of the e-liquid from one wattage output setting to another. DTL vapers would require an e-liquid with higher VG, such as 70vg/30pg, 80vg/20pg or 85vg/15pg, these e-liquids are thicker in texture. The NVee Pro vape device is an ideal DTL vape device, using a 0.7 ohm coil.

You’ll also notice that coils for higher VG e-liquids, are of higher resistance and better equipped to vapourise thicker liquids.

“Did you know?” The NVee Plus and NVee Pro II devices can use both 0.7 and 1.6 ohm coils. So if you buy one, which comes with its own coil specifically for MTL or DTL, you can purchase additional coils of an alternative resistance to switch to a different e-liquid type.

Do your research – you might want something pen like that’s closer to the size and shape of a cigarette or don’t mind something a little larger so it’s not so delicate. Ultimately you want something that’s high quality, easy to use, durable and works for you.

Our vape kits come with all the essentials inside the box so you can start vaping as soon as you receive it.

Inside the box, will be the E-cig itself, which might have the battery / mod / power unit inside it, vape tank, atomiser head / coil, a USB charging cable, and instruction manual. Some vape devices come with a spare atomiser head / coil, spare o-rings, spare mouthpieces or other vaping accessories, although these aren’t essential to getting started.

Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as smoking. A vape kit will need to be charged frequently and set up but it’s not difficult; the user instructions / manual should be simple to understand and follow.

Typically, you would need to ensure your vape device is charged, filled with the right e-liquid compatible with your device and coil resistance, switched on and all parts (e.g. the mouth piece on) in working order to vape.

If you are a smoker only just making the switch to vaping, it will take a little patience. You will need to remember that the electronic cigarette will need a few moments to ‘vapourise’ the e-liquid (using the atomiser) inside the tank once you press the button and inhale.

How often you would need to charge a kit depends on usage. Some users prefer to have a stand-by device they can use when their main kit needs charging.

Here are some tips to keep your vape device in good condition:

  • Use the right e-liquid – check the vg/pg of your chosen e-liquid is suitable for your device
  • Avoid leaving it in direct sunlight. You should store your device at or near room temperature
  • Keep it out of damp conditions
  • Store it upright
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets/animals
  • Use the charging cable that is supplied with your kit
  • Read the user instructions; you’ll see the device manufacturer’s information on how best to use and clean your vape kit
  • Only use compatible parts and for vaping
  • Avoid over-charging it and charging it for longer than necessary
  • Keep it clean – do not wash it under a water tap. Giving it a wipe clean should suffice.

If you need to dispose of your vape device, please do so responsibly and in accordance to local electronic waste disposal guidelines.

There are some common issues with vaping. As a smoker who may be switching to vaping, you will need to learn how to deal with these issues.

E-liquid leaks – this can happen from the tank itself or into your mouth if you’ve drawn on or inhaled too hard. Make sure you close any airflow vents or controllers when you’re not using your vape device. Also, check you’re using the right e-liquid for your coil. The higher the ohm, the lower the e-liquid VG you should be using. For example, with the NVee Plus 1.6 ohm coil, you should use 50vg/50pg e-liquids and for the NVee Pro II which comes with a 0.7 ohm coil, you should use e-liquids of 70vg/30pg or 85vg/15pg. Don’t worry, there normally isn’t lasting damage, just give your vape kit a wipe. You should never run it under a tap.

Burnt coils – you will need to ensure that new coils are soaked with e-liquid before you power on your device and it starts to ‘vapourise’ the e-liquid.

Low battery many vape devices will last a day but it really depends on how frequent you vape. It’s not dangerous but we would advise you don’t leave your vape device on charge for extended periods of time, over the recommended time it takes to fully charge your device.

Tanks and coils screwed in too tight a dampened cloth or tea-towel could help loosen these so you can change your atomiser / coil. This wouldn’t apply to NVee Pod, where the replacement pod tanks just pop in and out.

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