VApril 2024: Make the Switch to Vaping

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Smoking continues to be a harmful habit, impacting millions globally and leading to serious health issues. If you’re set on breaking free from smoking, let VApril 2024 be your inspiration of hope and support as you get on board to a healthier path.

Discovering VApril and Its Significance

VApril is a yearly campaign designed to illuminate the health and financial benefits of moving from smoking to vaping. Every April, the campaign’s goal is to educate and inspire smokers to make the switch to vaping, although its initiatives run throughout the year, including participation in World No Tobacco Day on May 31.

Led by the UK Vaping Industry Association (UKVIA), this movement provides essential information to help smokers choose the right vaping equipment, flavours, and nicotine strengths, significantly boosting their success in quitting smoking. Throughout VApril, an array of online resources, including expert advice, product reviews, and detailed guides, are made available to participants.

Join the VApril 2024 movement and kickstart your journey away from smoking. Tap into the available resources to make an informed decision about transitioning to vaping—as it may just be one of the best decisions of your life.

Vaping: Demystifying Realities

VApril is dedicated to dispelling myths by delivering factual information on vaping:

  • Health Advantages: The UK government acknowledges vaping as being at least 95% less harmful than smoking, a claim supported by continuous evidence reviews that challenge prevalent misconceptions.
  • Flavour Choices:Feedback indicates that fruit flavours are favoured among adult vapers, followed by mint/menthol, underlining the importance of flavours in the quitting process for many individuals.
  • Device Choices:Despite the popularity of disposable vapes, tank kits are still the go-to choice for numerous vapers, showcasing the community’s diverse preferences.
  • Sustained Vaping:A significant number of vapers, particularly those who are ex-smokers, have been vaping for three years or more, proving the durability of vaping as a stop-smoking alternative.
  • Quitting Success: Extensive studies confirm that vaping significantly aids in quitting smoking, with quit rates surpassing those of traditional Nicotine Replacement Therapies (NRTs).

Why VApril 2024 is a Milestone in the UK

VApril goes beyond just helping individuals quit smoking; it plays a vital role in driving the UK vaping market forward. The campaign boosts awareness of products and services while providing consumers with accurate information to make comprehensive health decisions. Through VApril 2024, UKVIA remains dedicated to supporting smokers every step of the way towards a transformative switch to vaping.

Begin Your Smoke-Free Journey Today with NVee

With the support of UKVIA and VApril 2024, quitting smoking can be more attainable than you may have realised. NVee, a leading UK vaping brand, presents a selection of flavours and nicotine strengths designed to accommodate everyone’s preferences, offering superior, cost-effective solutions that enhance your vaping experience.

Explore our NVee collection this VApril to seamlessly switch and find your perfect match. Benefit from exclusive promotions designed to support smokers on their journey to quit and to keep current vapers well-supplied.

Opting for NVee puts you amongst many who have successfully quit smoking and turned over a new leaf. Our NVee vape kits are designed to meet the needs of all users, from casual to heavy smokers, ensuring a satisfying nicotine hit and a smooth transition from smoking to vaping. Designed with user experience in mind, our kits offer a straightforward and enjoyable vaping journey.

In an exciting collaboration, we teamed up with Jucce Bar – a rechargeable vaping device complemented with disposable pods available in a selection of flavours. This partnership brings together convenience with quality, offering an extensive range of nicotine strengths and mouth-watering flavours to cater to every preference. The Jucce Bar’s innovation lies in its blend of rechargeable devices with the click-and-go use of disposable pods, ensuring you get the best of both worlds.

With NVee vape kits and our joint venture bringing you Jucce Bar, embarking on a smoke-free life is more accessible and enjoyable than ever. These options provide a comprehensive vaping solution that addresses the diverse needs and preferences of our customers. Dive into a world of flavours and find your perfect vaping companion with NVee and Jucce Bar today.

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