Best Vape Tricks for Beginners: 7 Essential Moves

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Would you like to do some easy vape tricks to amaze your friends?

If you want to make vaping a bit more fun and show off to others, we have a guide for you. It teaches seven simple vape tricks that anyone starting can quickly learn.

These tricks go from very easy to a little harder, but they are all fun. They’re a cool way to enjoy vaping more and impress your friends. We’ll show you how to do each trick, step by step, so anyone can try them, whether you’re just starting or have some experience.

So, to make your vaping time more exciting, check out our blog. Learning these tricks will not just add fun to your vaping, but also make you the star at parties. Just keep practising, and you’ll soon be doing these tricks like an expert!

Dive into the vape art world with activities ranging from the classic French Inhale to the crowd-pleasing O-rings. Our beginner’s tutorial is here to demystify the basics and set you up for the more complex manoeuvres.

We’re going to look at some simple vape tricks that you can quickly learn to wow your friends:

  • The Waterfall
  • The Tornado
  • Ghost Inhales
  • Blowing O’s
  • The Dragon
  • French Inhale
  • The Bane Trick

Time to start vaping and show off what you’ve learned!

The Waterfall

The Waterfall trick is easy for anyone to give it a try. It’s all about letting vapour slowly flow onto a flat surface to create a cool, heavy smoke cloud that sits on the surface.

First, take a breath of vapour and keep it in your mouth for a little bit. Then, lean over the surface and gently breathe out so the vapour falls onto the surface. Don’t blow hard. Instead, just let the vapour come out on its own.

You’ll find this trick works better with a vaping liquid that’s high in VG or a powerful vaping tool like a vape mod or a disposable vape because they make bigger clouds. But you can use any vape for this trick.

You can also do this trick by using a bottle or something similar to gently push the vapour onto the surface.

The Tornado

The inhaling part for the Tornado trick might look complicated, but it’s easy—it’s just a step beyond the Waterfall trick. After you let your vapour rest on a flat surface, softly use your hand to swirl the vapour up into a shape that looks like a tornado.

This trick looks pretty cool and is simple to do, and it will impress your friends!

Ghost Inhales

The ghost vape trick is about making a thick puff of smoke that looks like a ball, and then quickly sucking it back in. It might seem hard, but you can get it with some practice.

To do the ghost inhale trick, first, take a big puff but keep it in your mouth instead of breathing it in. Let the smoke stay in your mouth a bit, then push it out softly with your tongue, without really blowing. After the smoke comes out, quickly breathe it back in.

Getting good at the ghost trick can help you learn even cooler tricks later on.

Blowing O’s

Blowing O’s, or smoke rings, with vapour might be tricky at first, but with regular practice, it gets easier.

To blow O’s, keep the vapour in your mouth without breathing it in. Then shape your lips into a tight ‘O’ shape. It’s a bit challenging to describe, but you have to create pressure in your throat and then push out the vapour with a quick and controlled movement from your throat.

It might be tough the first few times but keep trying. Once you get it a few times, it will become easier, and mastering this trick helps you learn even more complex tricks.

For even better O’s, try poking your jaw out a bit to help the rings travel further and faster. Also, stick out your tongue a little as you release the vapour to give the rings more spin and keep their shape tighter.

The Dragon

The Dragon trick is cool because you breathe out vapour from both the corners of your mouth and your nose at the same time, making it look awesome and surprising to your friends.

To do this trick, first, fill your mouth with smoke. Then breathe out through your nose while also letting some vapor come out from the corners of your mouth.

Make sure to keep the middle part of your mouth closed but relax the corners so the vapor can come out. It might feel weird to breathe out from your nose and mouth at the same time, but with a bit of practice, it gets easier. Keep trying to get it right!

French Inhale

The French Inhale is a simple but impressive trick. Here’s what you do: take some vapor into your mouth, stick out your bottom lip a little, and let the vapor slowly flow out. Right away, start breathing in through your nose. If you do it right, the vapour will look like it’s flowing up from your mouth to your nose as you sniff it in.

Practice it regularly and you’ll quickly get the hang of the French Inhale, which will help you learn even more tricks!

The Bane Trick

The Bane Inhale is an eye-catching vape trick that looks cool when you do it right.

Once you’re good at the French Inhale, you can try the Bane Inhale. The trick is to first get a really thick cloud of vapor in your mouth.

Then open your mouth a bit and push your bottom lip out so the vapor starts to go up toward your nose, kind of like in the French Inhale.

The special part of the Bane look is to let your teeth block the vapour. It’ll come out through the spaces in your teeth, making a pattern that looks like Bane’s mask.


If you’re just starting with vape tricks, it’s a good idea to use a powerful sub-ohm vape device with an e-liquid that has a lot of VG (vegetable glycerin). This mix makes thicker vapour clouds that are easier to work with when you’re learning.

We suggest trying our e-liquids. Their 70/30 VG blends are great for doing different tricks. Using high-quality e-liquids will give you the best vapour for practicing and perfecting your tricks.

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