5 Benefits of Vaping You Might Not Know About

5 benefits of vaping you might not know about - brief_Blog V3 (1)

When most people think of vaping, they associate it with a tool to quit smoking. However, aside from its role in smoking cessation, there are plenty of other advantages to consider when making the switch to vaping. Let’s explore these additional benefits, shedding light on the unexpected positives that can come with choosing to vape. Whether you’re contemplating a change or simply want to learn more, vaping might have more to offer than you initially thought.

1. Vaping is at least 95% less harmful than smoking

The figure “95% less harmful than smoking” has been making rounds, and it’s one we can’t ignore. This came from a big review by Public Health England when they took a deep dive into the world of E-Cigarettes. The reason behind this impressive percentage? Simply put, vaping doesn’t pack the punch of thousands of nasty chemicals that you’d find in regular cigarettes.

When you light up a cigarette, you’re not just burning tobacco – you’re setting off a chemical reaction that releases a bunch of harmful substances. This is the core of why health experts have been warning about smoking for years.

Now, vaping has been stirring up conversation worldwide about its safety. But one thing everyone can nod to is that vaping is less of a villain than smoking. It’s not about saying vaping is perfectly safe – nope, that’s not the message here. But when you’re comparing the two, vaping is like the lesser of two evils.

Why? Because vaping skips the whole burning process. It heats up a liquid to create a vapour, not smoke, cutting down the production of those harmful substances by a huge margin.

The whole “95% less harmful” idea underlines a simple truth – switching to vaping could be a game changer for those looking to steer clear of smoking’s risks. This isn’t about making vaping the new cool kid on the block. It’s about giving folks a choice that’s less about harm and more about taking a step back from the dangers of smoking.

As we continue learning and researching, the conversation on vaping will keep evolving. But, for now, this insight shines a light on a path to potentially healthier habits, marking vaping as a notable alternative for those looking to ditch the smokes.

2. Vaping is much cheaper than smoking

On average, folks who switch from smoking to vaping find themselves spending about 3.5 times less money. That’s quite a hefty amount of savings!

Now, you might be wondering why there’s such a big difference. It’s straightforward cigarettes in the UK have a hefty tax slapped on them.  The UK’s goal is to become a smoke-free country by the year 2030, and they’re hoping the price tag on cigarettes will encourage people to quit.

Let’s face it, smoking has never been kind to bank accounts, and with even the most wallet-friendly pack of cigarettes hovering around almost £10, those daily puffs can make your funds evaporate swiftly.

Stepping into the world of vaping might feel a bit like the first day of school—exciting but with a bit of an upfront cost for your shiny new starter kit. But don’t let that first price tag fool you. This is an investment in long-term savings—think of it as a piggy bank that will start to feel heavier.

The great news is that once you’re past the hurdle of the initial set-up, the cost of keeping your vape running—like buying e-liquid and the occasional replacement part—comes nowhere close to the constant drain of buying new packs of cigarettes. Before you know it, you’ll notice how much fuller your wallet stays as you cut down on those costly tobacco runs. We’re talking about saving hundreds of pounds over a year—imagine all the things you could do with that extra cash!

3. Control Over Nicotine Intake

With vaping you can take the driver’s seat and fine-tune just how much nicotine you’re getting.

E-liquids come in an array of nicotine strengths. Think of them like the gears on a bike – you’ve got options ranging from high gears (for a strong nicotine hit) down to the gentlest of gears (for a milder experience), and there’s even a lovely freewheel option: zero nicotine. This is fantastic news if you’re looking to put your nicotine days behind you at your own pace.

The beauty of this customisation is that you’re not stuck with a one-size-fits-all approach. You can start where you feel comfortable and gradually shift down. It’s a tailor-made journey towards reducing your nicotine dependency, and you’ve got the reins. Fancied being a bit of a mixologist? Well, now you can blend your nicotine levels to match exactly where you’re at in your quitting process.

And here’s the best part – you’re not doing this dance solo. The vaping community and the friendly folks at your local vape shop are always ready to share their experiences and advice.

4. E-cigarettes are an effective way to help you quit for good

Vaping has shown a lot of promise for those looking to wave goodbye to smoking. It’s interesting to note that a significant number of UK-based smokers, more than half to be precise, are keen on kicking the habit. The main reason many reach for an e-cigarette is to help them cut back or completely stop using tobacco, with the ONS’s latest figures backing this up.

What’s more, there’s evidence suggesting that reaching for a vape is nearly twice as effective compared to the classic quitting helpers like nicotine gums, patches, and lozenges. A study that worked alongside the NHS stop-smoking service spotted an encouraging trend: 18% of smokers who turned to vaping were tobacco-free after a year, while the rate for those sticking to traditional nicotine replacements was about 10%.

The success of vaping isn’t just in delivering a nicotine fix—it’s about its knack for keeping familiar habits afloat. If your hands are missing the feel of a cigarette, a vape can be a handy substitute. Plus, it simulates the action of smoking, which is something many miss when moving away from cigarettes.

Many of us see smoking as a way to connect with others and giving that up can feel like losing a bit of one’s social life. Vaping can fill that gap nicely, letting you stay in the moment with friends without holding onto the health risks of cigarettes.

5. Flavours for every palate

Vaping truly has something special for everyone, thanks to an incredibly diverse selection of flavours that cater to all tastes. Whether you’re someone who enjoys the simplicity and familiarity of classic tobacco or menthol, a lover of sweet and succulent fruits, or someone who delights in indulging in dessert-like flavours without the calories, there’s a vape juice out there for you. Beyond these, you’ll find a world of creative blends that mix the whimsical with the traditional, offering gourmet and exotic combinations that surprise and satisfy. This wide array of options ensures that every vaper, from the beginner to the seasoned aficionado, can find a flavour, or multiple flavours, that hits the spot perfectly, making the vaping experience uniquely enjoyable and deeply personal.

At NVee, we truly understand that everyone’s taste is unique, which is why we’ve gone the extra mile to ensure our selection of flavours caters to every palate. From the timeless, full-bodied profile of our classic tobacco to the crisp, invigorating sensation of mint, and onto delights like our watermelon or sweet strawberry.

At NVee, we prioritise exceptional value. To make your vaping experience even more enjoyable, we have an online exclusive offer: buy any 5 flavours and get 2 additional flavours free! It’s a perfect opportunity to explore different varieties without limiting yourself, or confidently stock up on those tried-and-true favourites.


With evidence suggesting that vaping is significantly less harmful than traditional smoking, coupled with its cost-effectiveness, the ability to control nicotine intake, effectiveness as a cessation tool, and the sheer variety of flavours available, it’s clear that vaping offers a more versatile and personalised approach to addressing nicotine dependency. Each of these advantages, from health benefits to economic savings and beyond, highlights the shifting landscape of smoking habits towards healthier and more sustainable alternatives. So, whether you’re looking to quit smoking or simply curious about the world of vaping, there’s never been a better time to explore the possibilities that NVee has to offer. With options catering to every taste, budget, and goal, vaping stands out not just as a pathway away from smoking, but as a genuinely enjoyable pursuit.

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