Watermelon Ice 9mg

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Experience the sensational blend of sweet and refreshing tastes with our 9mg MAX disposable Pod from Jucce Bar, masterfully crafted in the unique Watermelon Ice Max flavour. This potent 9mg nicotine pod is a delight for your senses, combining lusciously sweet watermelon with invigorating icy overtones.

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The Jucce Bar range of disposables pods will give you the same great taste with every puff. Before using every pod, pull the flavour release tag from the top and wait at least 60 seconds for the liquid to infuse the coil which will give you the best and consistent flavour from the first vape to the last. For added vape satisfaction, Disposable Pods Strawberry 0mg flavour comes in 0mg and 12mg nicotine salt, in a 2ml pod.


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