5 things your should know about Vaping

More people are swapping their regular cigarettes for e-cigarettes because they allegedly carries a fraction of the risk of cigarettes. If you’re looking to make the switch, these are the 5 top things you should know before buying an e-cigarette. But first things first:


It’s a device that allows you to inhale nicotine in a vapour rather than smoke. E-cigarettes don’t produce tar or carbon monoxide, because they don’t burn tobacco – which are the most damaging elements in cigarettes. But don’t worry, if you like the taste of cigarettes! You won’t be able to tell the difference between them and our tobacco E-Liquids. An E-Cigarette replicates the experience of smoking a cigarette by creating a vapour mist and there are many types available, check out our Nvee e-cigarette kits to find out more about what’s on the market.


  • The mouthpiece: This is a cartridge fixed to the end of a tube.
  • The atomiser: This is what heats the liquid and it makes vaporize so that it can be inhaled by the user.
  • The coil: This is also known as the ‘heart’ of your device – it usually looks like a small wire wrapped around cotton – this is what turns your e-liquid into vapour. The resistance of the coils is defined in ohms – which tells you how much current the coil will allow to pass through it – the lower the resistance, the more heat will be generated – meaning you will produce more vapour and a more intense flavour from your vape juice.
  • The battery: It’s what powers the heating component.
  • The sensor: This is what activates the heater when the user sucks on the device
  • The solution: Also known as the e-liquid or e-juice, which may contain nicotine and a flavouring.

Don’t worry it’s all simpler than it sounds, and to help you out we have put together our most frequently asked questions from people looking to make the switch to e-cigarettes:


The nicotine strength listed for e-liquid is the number of milligrams of nicotine per millilitre in a bottle. That means a 10ml bottle of 6mg nicotine e-liquid would have 60mg of nicotine (6mg x 10ml).

If you smoke regular cigarettes, there is approximately 1.2mg of nicotine in each cigarette, or 24mg of nicotine per pack (1.2mg x 20 cigarettes).

For light cigarettes smokers, there is approximately 0.7mg of nicotine in each cigarette, or 14mg of nicotine per pack (0.7mg x 20 cigarettes).

If you smoke ultra light cigarettes, there is approximately 0.5mg of nicotine in each cigarette, or 10mg of nicotine per pack (0.5mg x 20 cigarettes).

So if you’d like to find out what nicotine strength you should go for, here is a quick guide that can help you:

  • 18mg nicotine = 20+ regular cigarettes per day
  • 12mg nicotine = 10+ light cigarettes per day
  • And 9mg nicotine for those who are trying to reduce their nicotine intake
Nvee Pro

Our 3mg and 6mg e-liquids range are designed for sub ohm devices. These devices burn more liquid and draw more nicotine in and our recommendation for these strengths are:

  • 6mg nicotine = 20+ regular cigarettes per day
  • 3mg nicotine = 10+ light cigarettes per day

Or if you are looking to go nicotine free you can buy our E-liquids with a 0 mg nicotine strength.


Coils will need replacing occasionally but the length of time between changes depends on a number of factors, such as: the amount of device use, power settings, chosen e-liquid, and other variables that will all affect the lifespan of the coil. Generally, you would want to replace your coil when you encounter a poor taste from your atomiser or a ‘burnt’ taste.

This is what we usually recommend for NVee coils, tanks and clearomisers:


This term is widely used in the vaping community – but what does it mean? – It is a style of vaping that produces larger clouds of vapor. Sub ohm devices have low resistance coils that are less than 1 ohm. This type of vaping is popular because it intensifies the flavour of your vape and it allows you to enjoy a warmer vape.


Priming your coil is an important step to take before you use your device for the first time, this is how you can do this:

  • Drip some e-liquid in the side of the coil
  • Refit the coil and fill up your tank with vape juice
  • Allow it to sit for a few minutes before vaping to soak
  • If your device has adjustable power, turn it to a low setting and fire it there
  • Work the power higher at intervals until you get your preferred power level


E-liquid is also known as e-juice or vape liquid, which is the liquid you pour into your vaping device which gets heated by the coil to create vapour. There are various flavours available in the market and with NVee. You can choose to vape a liquid with high, medium or no nicotine at all.

Find out more about our starter kit which includes your vape pen, replacement coils, and your choice of e-liquids so you can try out a range of flavours and discover your favourite! Check the NVee kits out here.

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