The industry of vaping is a curious world – it can look simple at a first glance, but once you start delving into it, you’d be surprised how technical things can get. But don’t let that put you off – you can quickly learn from our blogs and start leading a cigarette free kind of lifestyle and work towards lowering your nicotine intake.

In this blog we’ll explain everything about reducing nicotine consumption. It all seems simple but for example let’s take a basic flavour like Tobacco 12mg and assume you want to halve your Nicotine intake – you’d assume it would be as simple as buying the 6mg strength…

Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. Most e-liquids out there change the PG/VG content depending on the nicotine level to suit different devices – so to ensure that you are lowering your nicotine strength, you’d have to make sure that the e-liquids you are using have the same pg/vg content and you are using the same device.


Our 12mg Tobacco e-liquid has a PG/VG content of 50/50 making it good for traditional pen style vapes and pods, however our 6mg Tobacco e-liquid has a PG/VG content of 15/85 making it suitable for sub ohm devices.

Therefore, if you vaped these liquids on their intended devices you would more likely end up inhaling more Nicotine with the 6mg on a sub ohm device than you would with 12mg on a traditional vape pen. That’s because a sub ohm device burns hotter, and it burns more liquid when you vape with it, leading you to inhale more nicotine with each drag. The advantages of using a sub ohm though are you get a far better flavour experience and you will find more flavour choices.


They are odourless liquids that help create e-liquids, and produce vapor when heated. They both have different consistency and a distinct mouth and throat hit when vaped.

  • PG stands for propylene glycol
  • VG stands for vegetable glycerin
  • There are a few key differences between these two liquids and knowing them can help you determine which ratio will work best for you! PG has a thinner consistency than VG, which means it will build less gunk on your coil than VG, and therefore mostly used with vape pens. VG has a thicker consistency and it’s often used with sub ohm devices.


This can be achieved over a long period of time or relatively quickly – you’re in control. First, you need to know which strength nicotine is suitable for you as this will allow you to work your way to lower your intake. You can check our nicotine strengths guide on our previous blog post. But there are other ways of reducing nicotine effectively, here is our advice:

Lower Nictone


Lowering your nicotine intake is never going to be easy so it is important to not put yourself under unnecessary pressure. Pick a method that appeals to you and commit to it. Keep your targets realistic by either setting a timeline for when you hope to drop your nicotine levels by. It might be useful to write down your progression to see if you are on track. Give yourself time to make the changes and adjustments. You will realise by having the right mental attitude and being committed will help you achieve your goals.


You can reduce your intake daily, weekly or even monthly by moving down the pre-mixed nicotine levels, e.g. 18mg, to 12mg, to 9mg, etc. As an example, if you’re on 18mg but the transition to 12mg seems too much, fill your vape with half 18mg and half 12mg to give you a 15mg nicotine level. As you gradually drop, you’ll notice you don’t require as many puffs to give you the hit you need.


Sub Ohm vaping is a style of vaping that produces larger clouds of vapor. One of the benefits of moving to Sub Ohm vaping is you are open to a wider range of flavours in the form of short fills which can be found here. Most people vape 3mg using a Sub Ohm device which is roughly the equivalent of 12mg on a traditional pen vape. However, when you get into the Sub Ohm market, you can start to use the “Shake and Vape” (Shorfill) style liquids.

These are larger 60ml liquid bottles you may have seen in your local store. They have 50ml of liquid in them and zero nicotine. Many users eventually get down to using these bottles with zero nicotine as you still get the warmth in your throat even without the nicotine. If you still need a bit of nicotine, you can pour a Nic shot 10ml (18mg) into the shake and vape bottle (shortfill). Give it a good shake and you now have 60ml of great flavoured liquid at 3mg strength. Now let’s say you wanted to reduce that even further, simply pour half a bottle in, or even a quarter to get you down to that goal of ZERO nicotine.


While it may be enticing to think that you can eradicate vaping and nicotine from your life instantly, the reality of going cold turkey is a harsh one. Your body could face a series of unpleasant symptoms such as headaches, sleeping difficulties, irritation and most importantly nicotine cravings if you don’t make the small and incremental adjustments necessary to become nicotine-free securely. Avoid the cold turkey route by choosing from the options mentioned above.

Are you ready to lower your nicotine intake? Sign up to our lower your nicotine intake campaign today.

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